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Professional wood chippers with internal combustion engine, Branch shredders and Tracked wood chipper.

DELEKS® Internal combustion shredders with drum system and cutting blades. They shred dry or green branches with leaves, ideal for disposing of pruning residues. Professional machines recommended for gardeners and green operators. Direct delivery from the factory. Warranty 2 years Italy and CE conformity. Express Spare Parts Assistance. Free shipping nationwide.

Petrol chipper shredder - DK-800-LF

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prezzo nel db del listino in EUR: 1499.00prezzo scorporato iva in valuta: 142414241.424,00VAT incl. Free shipping

Petrol chipper shredder, woodchipper with engine - DK-800-YAMAHA

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prezzo nel db del listino in EUR: 1899.00prezzo scorporato iva in valuta: 180418041.804,00VAT incl. Free shipping

Tracked petrol chipper shredder. Minidumper + woodchipper - DK-800-GREEN

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prezzo nel db del listino in EUR: 3381.00prezzo scorporato iva in valuta: 321232123.212,00VAT incl. Free shipping
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