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Single furrow plough with wheel for narrow tractors DP-35

Code DP35
EAN 8053470230035
570,00VAT incl.
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Single Furrow Plough For 30-45HP compact Tractors John Deere, New Holland, Kubota | DELEKS® DP-35


Designed for cultivating clay or sandy soils, it fits most common compact tractor brands (no larger than 1400.0 mm):  John Deere, New Holland T3000, Carraro, Goldoni, McCormick, Kubota, etc. Universal 3 point linkage Cat.1. EC Declaration of Conformity.



It's 85kg structure allows for use on 30-45Hp tractors.

It's treated steel blade ensure a reliable performance.

Additional welded frame strengthening parts on the arm to reinforce stress points.

Inclination and position of the plough can be easily adjusted by a manual lever.

Detachable and replaceable coulter.

Gauge wheel that allows you to adjust depth and maximize usage.


Characteristic Units metric Units US
Overall width 800.0 mm 2.65 ft
Weight 85.0 kg 187.5 lb
Overall height 900.0 mm 2.99 ft
Tractor Power Range 25 - 45 Hp 25 - 45 Hp
3 point linkage Cat. 1 (ø 19.0-22.0mm) Cat. 1 (ø 19.0-22.0mm)
Spacing between the 2 lower points 445.0 - 565.0 mm 17.52 - 22.25 in
Overall length 1300.0 mm 4.26 ft
Number of Furrow 1 1
Furrow diagonal 1020.0 mm 3.35 ft
Width of cut 360.0 mm 14.17 in
Other sizes See pictures See pictures
Effective Displacement 650.0 mm 25.60 in
Thickness of the arm 30.0*70.0 mm 1.18*2.75 in
Cutting Edge Lenght 450.0 mm 17.70 in
Cutting Edge Thickness 15.0 mm 0.60 in
3 point Linkage tube sizes 170.0*40.0 mm 6.70*1.57 in
Depth adjustment Wheel sizes ø 23.0 * 8.0 mm ø 9.0 * 3.15 in
Working Depth Range 180.0 - 280.0 mm 7.08 -11.00 in
Packing sizes 600.0*1110.0*600.0 mm 1.97*3.64*1.97 ft


skim coulter
Skim coulter
80,00VAT incl.
spare blade dp 35
Spare blade DP-35
62,00VAT incl.
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spare pins cat 1 a
Spare pins Cat. 1 A
45,00VAT incl.

ø 19.0/22.0 mm