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Rotavator for tractor, used for mixing the beddings in poultry breading stables

 DELEKS® rotavator for mixing poultry beddings, compatible with medium-low powered tractors. Standard 3-point linkage Cat. 1 with mechanical sideshift. Direct delivery from the factory. Warranty 2 years Italy and CE conformity. Express Spare Parts Assistance. Free shipping nationwide. PTO shaft included.

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Effective Working width: 3.12 ft
Weight: 530.0 lb
Tractor Power Range: 18 - 45 Hp
Effective Working width: 3.77 ft
Weight: 573.0 lb
Tractor Power Range: 25 - 50 Hp
Effective Working width: 4.43 ft
Weight: 617.0 lb
Tractor Power Range: 30 - 50 Hp
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Effective Working width: 5.08 ft
Weight: 660.0 lb
Tractor Power Range: 30 - 50 Hp