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Snow plow for cargo vans, LN-175-J


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Code LN175J
EAN 8053470231865
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3.460,00VAT incl.
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Snow plow for cargo vans - DELEKS® - snowplough for vans e.g Ford, Toyota, Nissan.



LN-175-J Frontal Snowplow for transit vans with universal fastening plate. Angling and lifting of the blade is done hydraulically. Help from a blacksmith to attach the plow to the vehicle would be advantageous. Snowplow is supplied with a 12 Volt hydraulic power pack for angling and raising / lowering, 3 hydraulic pipes from the piston to the ECU connection, and a remote control. Also supplied with side and marker lights. LN-175-J has a replaceable steel blade, however can be supplied with a much softer Rubber upon request. This Snowplow has been designed to be used with the most common cargo vans e.g Freightliner & Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Ford, etc, or for most common 4x4 trucks e.g Canter, Renault, Land Rover. Homologated for road use, compliance with the EC Machinery Directive. 2 years guarantee.



Shockproof system with 8 shock absorbing springs to operate in maximum safety.

3 Hydraulic pistons: left / right / up / down (Made in Italy).

The balancing system allows perfect adherence to the road surface.

Adjustable torque  slides, make work easier by reducing the pressure on the cutting edge, especially on uneven surfaces such as gravel parking lots.

Support legs with crank, make it extremely easy assemble and disassemble at the end of the season.

The plate fitting is removable and replaceable with a 3-point hitch, EURO or skid steer.

Homologated for road use.

Documentation supplied with this article:

Invoice or Receipt

CE Conformity

Maintenance Manual



Characteristic Units metric Units US
Weight 290.0 kg 640.0 lb
Overall height 1100.0 mm 3.60 ft
Overall Length 830.0 mm 2.72 ft
Attachment sizes 500.0*360.0 mm 19.68*14.17 in
Angling (left/right) 27° 27°
Float +/- 4° +/- 4°
Blade Height 700.0 mm 2.30 ft
Side edge thickness 8.0 mm 0.32 in
Shock absorbers 8 8
Cutting Edge Steel or Rubber Steel or Rubber
Cutting Edge Height 150.0 mm 5.90 in
Cutting Edge Thickness 16.0 mm 0.63 in
Trip Edge Quantity 1 1
Distance betweens the bolts of the Trip Edge 200.0 mm 7.87 in
Removable Skid Shoes
Working width (angled) 1563.0 mm 5.13 ft
Suitable on Vans, Trucks Vans, Trucks
Interface Universal attachment Universal attachment
Overall width 1755.0 mm 5.76 ft
Main frame thickness 5.0 mm 0.2 in
Hydraulic cylinder/s ø 50.0/25.0 + 60.0/30.0mm 1.97/0.98 in + 2.36/1.18 in
Packing sizes 1755.0*800.0*900.0 mm 5.75*2.62*2.95 ft


2 springs snowblade ln lns lnk
2 springs snowblade LN-LNS-LNK
100,00VAT incl.


couple marker lights ln
Couple marker lights LN
56,00VAT incl.

LN 175/250

plate for ln
Plate for LN
220,00VAT incl.


spare rubber blade 175 cm
Spare rubber blade 175 cm
200,00VAT incl.


spare skid shoe ln 175
Spare skid shoe LN-175
78,00VAT incl.
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spare steel blade 175 cm
Spare steel blade 175 cm
202,00VAT incl.

DDL-175, LN-175