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Foretry mulcher - hydraulic shredder for mini excavators - working width 80cm - mod. AR-80

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EAN 8053470234873
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Forestry, Bramble mulcher DELEKS® - hydraulic brush cutter for mini excavator - Hydraulic motor Made in Italy, 2 years warranty


Shredder for mini excavators of 0.8-1.8 tons.

Hydraulic threscher, brush-cutter for brambles, bushes, ditches, banks, embankments, branches.

Suitable for Mini-excavator brands as Caterpillar, Takeuchi, Kubota, JCB, Case, Komatsu, Kubota, Yanmar, etc. 

Attachment measures: see pictures (Alternatively we can make an ad-hoc linkage on design. An additional production cost will be applied).


Requirements for the operating machine:

a) Preferable with double pump:

1 for the crawler

1 for operation of the mulcher (pump capacity at least 25/30 l / min)

b) The rotation of the knives goes in both directions (a double-acting pedal is necessary).

Documentation supplied with this article:

Invoice or Receipt

CE Conformity

Maintenance Manual

EC Certification and Risk Analysis (Valid throughout Europe) edited by ECO Spa (Faenza - Italy).



Caracteristic Units metric Units US
Working width 800.0 mm 2.62 ft
Overall width 1020.0 mm 3.35 ft
Min / Max cutting height 20.0 - 80.0 mm 0.8 - 3.15 in
Weight 80.0 kg 175.0 lb
Hood height 330.0 mm 13.0 in
Maximum cutting diameter 20.0 mm 0.8 in
Main hood thickness 4.0 mm 0.16 in
Transmission: RPM Rotor speed 1500 r/min 1500 r/min
Rotor: diameter 78.0 mm 3.07 in
Rotor: bearings type and size GB276-6007 GB276-6007
Rotor: balancing Electronic Electronic
Rotor: sheet thickness 10.0 mm 0.40 in
Rear roller: diameter 102.0 mm 4.00 in
Rear roller: sheet thickness 4.0 mm 0.16 in
Rear roller: bearings type and size φ25 φ25
Min./Max. Relief Pressure 120 - 150 bar 120 - 150 bar
Min./Max. Flow 18 - 22 l/min 18 - 22 l/min
Hood length 650.0 mm 2.13 ft
Number of Blades 32 32
Blades: Weight 130.0 g 4.58 oz
Blades: Diameter of the hole 13.0 mm 0.52 in
Blades: base width 50.0 mm 1.97 in
Blades: Diagonal 85.0 mm 3.35 in
Packing sizes 1020.0*600.0*500.0 mm 3.35*1.97*1.65 ft
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