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Snowblade for off-road vehicles, LNS-210-M

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EAN 8053470235023
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Snowplow 210cm for Jeeps, Pick-ups, off-road vehicle, snowplough - DELEKS® - Homologated for road use.


LNS 210-J snowplows are purpose-built and homologated for road use. Compatible with all 4x4 car brands such as Mitsubishi, Land Rover, Toyota, Fiat, Nissan, Ford, Isuzu, etc.

Before the assembly it is necessary to install a counter-frame under the engine of the vehicle (not supplied with Plow). Supplied with a replaceable steel blade. On request we can supply it with a much softer rubber blade.

Vehicle Requirements: 4WD, minimum 60 Amp Alternator, minimum 70 Amp battery, winter tires, power steering. Conforms to the EC Machinery Directive. 2 years guarantee. 


12 volt hydraulic power pack, with oil tank, solenoid valves 2, 2 cylinders for lifting and guidance

Anti-shock system with 6 shock absorbers to operate in maximum safety.

Extremely easy to assemble and use.

Sharp replaceable steel-blade. On request we can supply it with a softer rubber cutting.

Parking leg.

The attachment plate is removable and replaceable with a 3 point hitch or skid steer linkagae.

Homologated for road use.


Caracteristic Units metric Units US
Weight 172.0 kg 380.0 lb
Overall height 525.0 mm 1.72 ft
Overall Length 760.0 mm 2.50 ft
Min./Max. Relief Pressure 110 - 150 bar 110 - 150 bar
Min./Max. Flow 18 - 22 l/min 18 - 22 l/min
Interface Universal for Skid Steer Loaders Universal for Skid Steer Loaders
Angling (left/right) 28° 28°
Float +/- 2° +/- 2°
Blade Height 525.0 mm 1.72 ft
Side edge thickness 8.0 mm 0.31 in
Shock absorbers 6 6
Cutting Edge Steel or Rubber Steel or Rubber
Cutting Edge Height 120.0 mm 4.72 in
Cutting Edge Thickness 14.0 mm 0.55 in
Trip Edge Quantity 1 1
Distance betweens the bolts of the Trip Edge 200.0 mm 7.87 in
Lights x x
Removable Skid Shoes x x
Universal attachment sizes See pictures See pictures
Working width (angled) 1890.0 mm 6.20 ft
Suitable on Skid Steer L. 1.8 t max Skid Steer L. 1.8 t max
Hydraulic Hoses (Optional) 2 x 1500.0 mm / WP 400 bar (Optional) 2 x 4.92 ft/ WP 400 bar
Overall width 2116.0 mm 6.95 ft
Main frame thickness 4.0 mm 0.15 in
Hydraulic cylinder/s ø (Optional) 50.0 / 25.0 mm (optional) 1.96 / 1.0 in
Packing sizes 2116.0*800.0*800.0 mm 6.95*2.62*2.62 ft
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