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Tractor-mounted hydraulic hedge cutter hedge trimmer with brush cutter or cutterbar AIRONE-100

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EAN 8053470231100
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Hedgecutter for tractor, multiple hedge and grass verge rear arm cutter - DELEKS® - own hydraulic system, runs completely off the PTO - Pto shaft CE included.


AIRONE-100 Hedge cutter has been engineered for clearing overgrowth from highway medians and for initial land clearing for housing, parks and recreational areas. The AIRONE-100 is ideal for semi professional use, pruning  roadside and traffic island hedges, however can also be used for parks, green spaces, gardens, ditches, dykes, and inclines in general. The hedge cutter itself is powered by a PTO shaft (supplied with the machine) and can be used with all 25-60HP compact tractors e.g Kubota, John Deere 2-3, Ford, McCormick, Iseki, Yanmar, Lamborghini, Goldoni.



Hydraulic controller is supplied with the Hedgecutter.

100% hydraulically operated arm to accommodate for any kind of gradient of terrain. If the tractor is on slope the arm will steady itself to reduce downtime.

The lightweight design allows its use on flat ground or on verges.

55 litre oil tank.

Adjustable roller unit.


Documentation supplied with this article:

Invoice or Receipt

CE Conformity

Maintenance Manual


EC Certification and Risk Analysis (Valid throughout Europe) edited by ECO Spa (Faenza - Italy).




Caracteristic Units metric Units US
Working width 1000.0 mm 3.28 ft
Overall width 1200.0 mm (closed) 3.94 ft (closed)
Min / Max cutting height 20.0 - 80.0 mm 0.8 - 3.15 in
Weight 298.0 kg 657.0 lb
Overall height 2010.0 mm 6.60 ft
Tractor Power Range 25-60 Hp 25-60 Hp
3 point linkage Cat. 1 (ø 19.0-22.0mm) Cat. 1 (ø 19.0-22.0mm)
Hood height 330.0 mm 13.0 in
Spacing between the 2 lower points 470.0 - 570.0 mm 18.50 - 22.44 in
Maximum cutting diameter 15.0 mm 0.6 in
Overall length 1070.0 mm 3.51 ft
Distance between pto attachment and ground 400.0 mm 15.75 in
Main hood thickness 4.0 mm 0.16 in
Transmission: Drive method Hydraulic Hydraulic
Transmission: PTO 540 r/min 540 r/min
Transmission: Rotation of gearbox Right side Right side
Transmission: Free wheel
Transmission: RPM Rotor speed 1500 r/min 1500 r/min
Transmission: Oil in the gearbox Yes / SAE 120 - ISO 72925 Yes / SAE 120 - ISO 72925
Rotor: diameter 78.0 mm 3.07 in
Rotor: bearings type and size GB276-6007 GB276-6007
Rotor: balancing Electronic Electronic
Rotor: sheet thickness 14.0 mm 0.55 in
Rear roller: diameter 102.0 mm 4.01 in
Rear roller: sheet thickness 4.0 mm 0.16 in
Rear roller: bearings type and size φ25 φ25
Min./Max. Relief Pressure 120 - 150 bar 120 - 150 bar
Min./Max. Flow 18 - 22 l/min 18 - 22 l/min
Hydraulic Hoses WP 400 Bar WP 400 Bar
Pto shaft CE 4x700 mm CE 4x700 mm
Hood length 650.0 mm 2.13 ft
Number of Blades 40 40
Blades: Weight 130.0 g 4.58 oz
Blades: Diameter of the hole 13.0 mm 0.52 in
Displacement 2910.0 mm 9.55 ft
Transmission: Oil in the tank 55.0 lt 55.0 lt
Blades: base width 50.0 mm 1.97 in
Blades: Diagonal 85.0 mm 3.35 in
Packing sizes 1280*800*2150mm 4.20*2.62*7.05 ft
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