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Powered wheelbarrow, Ducar DV196 engine


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Ducar DV196 powered 4x4 wheelbarrow – DELEKS® MD-400-DUCAR chain driven mini dumper.



This powerful DELEKS® wheelbarrow; powered by Ducar DV196 engine 6.5 Hp, can carry a load of 300Kg. This powered wheelbarrow increases productivity and it’s able to carry up to three times more load when compared to the conventional wheelbarrow. It can be used for many landscaping and construction applications including hauling dirt, sod, sand, gravel, shrubs, wood, rocks, etc.


Tackles Inclines: Four-wheel drive allows the transfer of materials up grades as steep as 30°.

Adaptability: The narrow design allows it to fit through doors and around tight corners: areas that a skid steer can't fit.

2 struts reduce the overturning effort.



Drive axle has 4 x forward/ 1 x reverse speed

Forward speed 0.8-5.6kph

Noise rating Less than 80db

Capacity 300kgs and 1.83 m/c



Ducar DV196

Type 4-stroke, OHV, single cylinder

Displacement 173 cm 3 (10.3 cu-in)

Max. horsepower 6.5 Hp (4.8 kW) at 3,600 rpm

Carburetor Float type

Cooling system Forced-air

Ignition system Transitorized (T.C.I.)

Lubricating system Mechanical splashing

Starting system Recoil

Fuel used Unleaded gasoline (octane number 86 or higher)

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CE Conformity

Maintenance Manual



Characteristic Units metric Units US
Overall width 740.0 mm 2.42 ft
Weight 140.0 kg (160.0 kg gross weight) 310.0 lb
Overall height 800.0 mm 2.62 ft
Overall length 1680.0 mm 5.50 ft
Safety System Emergency button Emergency button
Engine DUCAR DV196 DUCAR DV196
Starter Pull cord Pull cord
Fuel consumption 1 l/h 1 l/h
Packing sizes 1300.0*780.0*850.0 mm 4.26*2.55*2.80 ft