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Through its branches in Italy, Germany and France, DELEKS® operates within the design, production and distribution of agricultural and forestry machinery. DELEKS® integrates artisan culture with industrial logic, knowledge of materials and innovation, keeping the promise of quality and performance on each machine.


Via Industriale, 23
25028 Verolanuova (BS) Italy
VAT IT02894400981
REA: BS-0487455

DELEKS Deutschland GmbH

DELEKS Deutschland GmbH
Miesberg 1
85235 Pfaffenhofen an der Glonn (D)
Amtsgericht München HRB 202701
Steuernummer 115/124/20364
Ust.-Id. DE286543593

DELEKS S.a.r.l.

DELEKS S.a.r.l.
Zone artisanale de Toul an Ibil
29217 Plougonvelin (FR)
n° TVA: FR58833526999
SIRET: 83352369900019

DELEKS® designs, manufactures and distributes agricultural and forestry machinery. The company was established in 2002 in Italy and expanded quickly on the national market, thanks to its innovative philosophy.
Followingly the branches in Miesberg (DE) 2012 and in Brest (FR) 2019 were opened and DELEKS® became a well-known brand both nationally and internationally.

Currently DELEKS® represents an organisation which is able to provide a pervasive distribution on the European market thanks to its network of sales agents and local distributors. This is a key factor to become a global brand, which has always been the strategic target of the company.

Our mission statement is to design, build and distribute good quality machinery in accordance with technological performance and safety. A commitment which is possible only thanks to the professional work of the DELEKS® team.

Using the best technologies, DELEKS® wants to offer efficiency, concreteness, safety and involvement to all who has a passion for the agricultural world and those who define it as their lifestyle.

DELEKS® is building its future, following the ambition of designing and manufacturing products, but remaining in direct contact with the end-user. Thereby DELEKS® concentrates on a constant updating of its products, based on the customer’s needs. The production of agricultural machinery and equipment requires a knowledge, based on shared field experience with the end users.

In the business reality of DELEKS®, this is the philosophy that guides every choice: a vision that has taken shape over the years and has built a brand made of passion, driven to innovate.

Research and innovation have always been the best development potential for DELEKS®. In the main R & D Centre of DELEKS®, at the headquarters of Verolanuova, works a staff that aims to restore the balance between concept and functionality, subordinated only to the user safety. The creation of a new machine starts from the production of 3D models. To produce shredders DELEKS® uses high quality materials, purchasing from leading companies in the sector like: ThyssenKrupp sheet metal, S.I.C.A.M. tubes, FAG bearings. The mechanical processing and the assembly are performed using the extensive “know-how” available in the district of Brescia province, which is one of the European capitals of precision mechanics. Furthermore, the use of conceptually complex molds has represented this productive reality for years, which pays the utmost attention to materials and quality controls. DELEKS® owns the molds that compose most of its products. The DELEKS® catalogue is then complemented by complementary products, which are partly or completely manufactured in China, India, Poland, Bulgaria and Italy. For these products, DELEKS® checks the production process and carries out quality control on a sample basis. The great technological capacity of DELEKS® today translates into a super high-tech approach, where preliminary modelling studies allow the direct verification of all possible construction variants. But the final verdict is given by the tests in the field, following the realization of the first prototypes. DELEKS® set up a test field which operates 12 months a year. The competence, the determination and above all the great passion for the agricultural mechanics sector meet the most advanced applications of CAD systems, for the sake of efficiency and total safety of the final product.

DELEKS® has achieved the goal of being present all over the world. In fact, distributing its products promptly and efficiently has had the merit of consolidating customer trust and satisfaction.

To obtain this recognition, DELEKS® has paid great attention to the combination of experience and organizational potential, offering a high distribution standard, based on a global monitoring system which is able to cover the traceability from production to assembly, and subsequently the packaging, through the management of an advanced logistics system allowing direct step-by-step verification of handling.

The current DELEKS® logistics responds perfectly and promptly to the international requests, indicated by the sales network. The future of the DELEKS® brand is based on our quality.