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Pallet forks for tractor Pitchfork with tips for hay bales. For mowing, lifting and replacement of pallets or items.

DELEKS® Tractor forks for pallets or hay bales. Spacable, folding, removable and interchangeable forks. Compatible with all brands of agricultural tractors, with universal 3-point linkage Cat. 1-2. Direct delivery from the factory. Warranty 2 years Italy and CE conformity. Express Spare Parts Assistance. Free shipping nationwide.

Pallet forks for tractors like Kubota, D-300

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prezzo nel db del listino in EUR: 317.00prezzo scorporato iva in valuta: 317317317,00VAT incl. Free shipping

Pallet Forks for front-loader, D-700-E


prezzo nel db del listino in EUR: 620.00prezzo scorporato iva in valuta: 620620620,00VAT incl. Free shipping

Pallet forks for agricultural tractors D-700

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prezzo nel db del listino in EUR: 597.00prezzo scorporato iva in valuta: 597597597,00VAT incl. Free shipping

Hey bale fork for small traktors DK-3

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prezzo nel db del listino in EUR: 287.00prezzo scorporato iva in valuta: 287287287,00VAT incl. Free shipping

Hay forks for tractors D-700-K

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prezzo nel db del listino in EUR: 535.00prezzo scorporato iva in valuta: 535535535,00VAT incl. Free shipping
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