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Snowplow for wheel loaders, LNV-315-W

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Code LNV315W
EAN 8053470234361
5.388,00VAT incl.
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Heavy duty Snowplow for wheel loaders 315cm / 800kg - DELEKS® - Snowblade with flat attachment plate (1200 by 600mm) for customizations.


LNV-315-W Heavy Duty snowplow with flat attachment plate (1200 by 600mm) for customizations. Help from a blacksmith to attach the plow to the vehicle would be advantagous. Designed to fit most front loaders e.g CAT, John Deere, Caterpiller,Komatsu, JCB. Angling of the plow is done hydraulically using two pistons, a 6-way solenoid valve and two hydraulic pipes (1.6m).

The plow has a replaceable rubber or steel blade, spring swivel mount which makes the plow resistant to impact of obstacles. Supplied with 2 support wheels and marker lights. Conforms to the EC Machinery Directive. 2 years guarantee.



Hydraulically controlled plowshares allow for four different working positions (open, closed, left and right).

Anti-shock system with 6 shock absorbing springs to overcome obstacles safety.

2 independent plowing elements.

Lateral oscillation system which allows a perfect adherence to the road surface.

Extremely easy installation and usage.

Adjustable support wheels allow the plows height to be adjusted to accommodate for different snow depths.

The Flat plate is removable and replaceable with 3-point hitch, or other Telescopic loaders linkage e.g MANITOU, MERLO.

Perfect adherence to the road surface and homologated for road use.


Caracteristic Units metric Units US
Weight 800.0 kg 1765.0 lb
Overall height 1060.0 mm 3.48 ft
Overall Length 1150.0 mm 3.77 ft
Min./Max. Relief Pressure 110 - 150 bar 110 - 150 bar
Min./Max. Flow 18 - 22 l/min 18 - 22 l/min
Angling (left/right) 30° 30°
Float +/- 15° +/- 15°
Blade Height 1060.0 mm 3.48 ft
Side edge thickness 8.0 mm 0.31 in
Shock absorbers 6 6
Cutting Edge Steel or Rubber Steel or Rubber
Cutting Edge Height 280.0 / 250.0 mm 11.00 / 9.85 in
Cutting Edge Thickness 20.0 / 45.0 mm 0.78 / 1.77 in
Trip Edge Quantity 2 (steel) / 6 (rubber) 2 (steel) / 6 (rubber)
Distance betweens the bolts of the Trip Edge 220.0 / 80.0 mm 8.66 / 3.15 in
Removable Skid Shoes Wheels Wheels
Working width (angled) 2700.0 mm 8.86 ft
Hydraulic Hoses 2 x 1600.0 mm / connections 1.2" AGRI, WP 400 bar 2 x 5.25 ft / connections 1.2" AGRI, WP 400 bar
Overall width 3150.0 mm 10.33 ft
Main frame thickness 5.0 mm + reinforces 0.20 in + reinforces
Hydraulic cylinder/s ø 82.0/40.0 mm 3.23/1.57 in
Packing sizes 3150.0*1200.0*1000.0 mm 8.20*3.28*2.62 ft


couple marker lights ssh lnv 315
Couple marker lights SSH/LNV-315
98,00VAT incl.


spare rubber blade lnv 315
Spare rubber blade LNV-315
363,00VAT incl.


spare steel blade lnv 315
Spare steel blade LNV-315
436,00VAT incl.


spare wheel ssh lnv 315
Spare wheel SSH/LNV-315
130,00VAT incl.


spare wheel support ssh lnv 315
Spare wheel support SSH/LNV-315
50,00VAT incl.