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Shatter milling machine - mixture - facing bedding for poultry farms, mod. PAVO-120


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Code PAVO120
EAN 8053470235290
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Field test
Field test


Shatter milling machine - mixture - facing bedding for poultry farms - 115cm - DELEKS - Innovative mixing machine for chickens and turkeys.


PAVO keeps the bedding clean, soft, airy and quickly renewed.

Prevents the formation of pavement crusting : detaches, raises and shatters the hardest and most dry part of the litter attached to the ground.

The machines hoes mix and turn all the layers of the litter and distribute the dry chips on the surface.

The humid part is mixed and, due to the effect of the greater weight, falls to the ground first, and then covered by the dryer and lighter part.

This greatly reduces the formation of odors, the presence of insects, and the strong smell of ammonia.

The speed of intervention allows the complete reverse of the litter during the day. The advancement speed is on average 3-4 km / h, but depends on the type of materials, the compactness of the surface crust and the working depth. 

Thus, the animal comes to live in a dry and clean environment, with few unpleasant odors and with great benefit for the breeder in terms of:

Quality of production cycle management

Lower risk of infections

Well-being for operators working inside the warehouses

Economic performance of the farm




Counter-rotating rotor with flanges with 4 right-angle blades

Pair of slides adjustable in height, which place the hoes a few millimeters from the bottom, allowing a complete chip overturning

Side chain transmission in oil bath

Rear rake to even the mixed material and improve the burial of the humid fraction.

Front curtain protection in thick rubber to avoid the contact of hoes with poultry

Mechanical sideshift (120 mm) of the 3-point attachment Cat. 1

Multiplier 540 r/min

Rear panel openable

Cardan shaft CE cat. 4 x 700 mm.


Characteristic Units metric Units US
Overall width 1250.0 mm 4.10 ft
Weight 260.0 kg 573.0 lb
Overall height 900.0 mm 2.95 ft
Tractor Power Range 25 - 50 Hp 25 - 50 Hp
3 point linkage Cat. 1 (ø 19.0-22.0mm) Cat. 1 (ø 19.0-22.0mm)
Position of the gearbox Central Central
Spacing between the 2 lower points 400.0 - 540.0 mm 15.75 - 21.26 in
Overall length 800.0 mm 2.60 ft
Rotor: diameter 64.0 mm 2.52 in
Rotor: sheet thickness 10.0 mm 0.40 in
Transmission Chain Chain
Effective Working width 1150.0 mm 3.77 ft
Working Depth Range - -
Distance between pto attachment and base 470.0 mm 18.50 in
Pto shaft CE 4x800 mm CE 4x800 mm
Rotor: diameter with blades 415.0 mm 16.34 in
Rotor: bearings type and sizes "GB276-6306(R) GB276-6209(L)" "GB276-6306(R) GB276-6209(L)"
Rotor: flanges 7 7
Number of Blades per flange 4 4
Blades: quantity 24 24
Blades: height/width 170.0 / 65.0 mm 6.70 / 2.56 in
Blades: curve length 255.0 mm 10.04 in
Blades: distance between holes 45.0 mm 1.77 in
Blades: diameter of the holes 13.0 mm 0.51 in
Blades: thickness 6.0 mm 0.24 in
Gearbox Lombarda Ingranaggi 540 r/min (3 year warranty) Lombarda Ingranaggi 540 r/min (3 year warranty)
Effective Displacement 120.0 mm manual 4.73 in
Rotation of gearbox Right side Right side
RPM Rotor speed 216 rpm 216 rpm
Oil in the gearbox Yes / SAE 120 - ISO 72925 Yes / SAE 120 - ISO 72925
Blades: weight 770.0 g 27.20 oz
Packing sizes 1000.0*1450.0*900.0 mm 3.28*4.75*2.95 ft


10 blades dfu
10 blades DFU
114,00VAT incl.

SB 5+5

f1 friction torque limiter
F1 Friction Torque limiter
90,00VAT incl.
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f3 friction torque limiter
F3 Friction Torque limiter
109,00VAT incl.
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pto adapter rid1
45,60VAT incl.