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Flail mower - 185cm - Mulcher, Shredder with hammers - LEOPARD-180

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EAN 8053470235399
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Mucher, Shredder with hammers for tractors 40-70Hp, 360kg - DELEKS® LEOPARD-180 - 6.0mm thick double case - PTO shaft included.


Mower with hammers for orchard, vineyard, olive grove and uncultivated areas. Professional Flail Mower with hydraulic sideshift.

Working width 185cm - Weight 360kg - For 40-70 HP tractors.

Suitable for working on grass, leaves, vineyard and olive groves, for tractors like Goldoni, Kubota, Landini, Antonio Carraro, Same, Lamborghini...

The LEOPARD-180 model is presented as a versatile shredder, suitable for cutting grass and thanks to its robust structure it is very useful for shredding prunings and pruning residues, up to 4-5cm in diameter.



Sturdy structure suitable for professional use: frame casing thickness: 4.0mm, sides: 6.0mm.

6.0mm thick double case.

20cm high frontal mouth, avoids crushing grass when it is high.

Closed hood, mulching effect: the plant material remains longer in the chamber and gets pulverized.

Open hood: reduces the pressure in the chamber and allows you to proceed at a higher speed.

Maximum application value on any type of residue, from the open field to the orchard.



Universal 3-point hitch Cat. 1-2

PTO 540 r / min with built-in freewheel, brand Lombarda Ingranaggi

CE 6x1000 cardan shaft with shear bolt

4 transmission belts

Rear hood that can be opened for maintenance

Adjustable tensioner

Electronic balanced rotor

28 hammers, hot forged high strength 9cm base width

Pair of adjustable slides

Front guards

External adjustment of the belts

CE safety guard

Documentation supplied with this article:

Invoice or Receipt

CE Conformity

Maintenance Manual



Caracteristic Units metric Units US
Working width 1850.0 mm 6.07 ft
Overall width 1991.5 mm 6.53 ft
Min / Max cutting height 10.0 - 45.0 mm 0.4- 1.77 in
Weight 360.0 kg 795.0 lb
Overall height 800.0 mm 2.60 ft
Tractor Power Range 40 - 70 Hp 40 - 70 Hp
3 point linkage Cat. 1-2 (ø 19.0-22.0mm / 25.0-28.0mm) Cat. 1-2 (ø 19.0-22.0mm / 25.0-28.0mm)
Hood height 460.00 mm 18.10 in
Spacing between the 2 lower points 590.0 - 800.0 mm 23.20 - 31.50 in
Number of Hammers 28 28
Maximum cutting diameter 40.0 - 50.0 mm 1.57 - 1.97 in
Overall length 792.5 mm 2.60 ft
Distance between pto attachment and ground 520.0 mm 20.5 in
Main hood thickness 4.0 + 6.0 mm 0.16 + 0.23 in
Sides thickness 6.0 mm 0.23 in
Side plates thickness 6.0 mm 0.23 in
Transmission: Drive method V-Belts V-Belts
Transmission: Gearbox Lombarda Ingranaggi (Italy) (3 year warranty) Lombarda Ingranaggi (Italy) (3 year warranty)
Transmission: PTO 540 r/min 540 r/min
Transmission: Rotation of gearbox Right side Right side
Transmission: Free wheel
Transmission: RPM Rotor speed 2300 rpm 2300 rpm
Transmission: Oil in the gearbox Yes / SAE 120 - ISO 72925 Yes / SAE 120 - ISO 72925
Transmission: Top pulley ø 180.0 mm 7.08 in
Transmission: Lower pulley ø 130.0 mm 5.12 in
Transmission: V-Belts quantity 4 4
Transmission: V-Belts size BX43 BX43
Rotor: diameter 108.0 mm 4.25 in
Rotor: bearings type and size FAG UCF208 (Made in Germany) FAG UCF208 (Made in Germany)
Rotor: balancing Electronic Electronic
Rotor: sheet thickness 8.0 mm 0.31 in
Hammers: Weight 820.0 g 29.0 oz
Hammer: øhole 15.0 mm 0.6 in
Hammer: base width 82.0 mm 3.23 in
Hammer: top width 45.0 mm 1.77 in
Hammer: Diagonal 95.0 mm 3.74 in
Rear roller: diameter 140.0 mm 5.51 in
Rear roller: sheet thickness 5.0 mm 0.2 in
Rear roller: bearings type and size UC205 UC205
Pto shaft CE 6x1000 mm + shear bolt CE 6x1000 mm + shear bolt
Packing sizes 2000.0*900.0*800.0 mm 6.55*2.95*2.62 ft
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