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Pallet forks for tractors like Kubota, D-300

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Code D300
EAN 8053470230080
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DELEKS® D-300: Unpacking by Alberto
DELEKS® D-300: Unpacking by Alberto
DELEKS® D-300: Field test
DELEKS® D-300: Field test


Pallet forks DELEKS® for low power tractors like Kubota, Iseki, New Holland - Lifting capacity 300kg


The D-300 Pallet forks will handle most lifting and light weight towing tasks without ruining your machines power or lift capacity. Universal forks for pallet lifting. Ideal for Japanese tractors Kubota, Kioti, Iseki, Pasquali, Yanmar, Solis, Mahindra, and narrow tractors like New Holland Boomer 25, John Deere, Pasquali, Ferrari etc. Universal 3 point linkage Cat. 1. EC Declaration of Conformity, 2 year warranty.


DELEKS® carriage design allows fork tines to be easily re-spaced or changed and locked into place.

The weight of the load is distributed over three points so it will not cause stress failures. 

Hight adjustable forks to carry out warehouse or farm work.

Forks can be folded away during transit when not in use.



Characteristic Units metric Units US
Overall width 910.0 mm 3.0 ft
Weight 54.0 kg 119.0 lb
Overall height 740.0 mm (open) 29.13 in (open)
Tractor Power Range 12 - 45 Hp 12 - 45 Hp
3 point linkage Cat. 1 (ø 19.0-22.0mm) Cat. 1 (ø 19.0-22.0mm)
Load capacity 300.0 kg 660.0 lb
3 point linkage Thickness 15.0 mm 0.60 in
Spacing between the 2 lower points 360.0 / 610.0 mm 14.17 / 24.0 in
Usable Fork Tine Length 750.0 mm 29.50 in
Fork Tine Length 900.0 mm 35.45 in
Fork Tine Height 45.0 mm 1.77 in
Fork Tine Width (single tine) 80.0 mm 3.15 in
Fork Tine Thickness 7.0 mm 0.28 in
Fork Tine Weight 7.6 kg 16.75 lb
Fork Tine Spacing (min-max) 100.0 / 655.0 mm 3.94 / 25.80 in
Positions of the forks 4 + 4 4 + 4
Diameter of the horizontal tube 32.0 mm 1.26 in
Distance between the 2 lower points and ground 160.0 / 260.0 mm 6.30 / 10.25 in
Overall Length (open and closed) 900.0 / 210.0 mm 35.45 / 8.27 in
Packing sizes 900.0*900.0*300.0 mm 35.45*35.45*11.80 in


fork d 300
Fork D-300
109,00VAT incl.


spare pins cat 1 b
Spare pins cat. 1-B
47,00VAT incl.

ø 19.0/22.0 mm