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Mini excavator 0.6 ton, M-6000

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Mini excavator DELEKS® with 15Hp B&S engine and Estart - Hydraulic system Hydrocontrol® (Made in Italy).


The M-6000 mini excavator is a compact machine, capable of high performance in the most restricted areas, including within buildings and in rear gardens.

Our micro excavators are popular with everyone from rental companies to landscapers, redevelopers, grounds care operators and DIY enthusiasts.

The M-6000 micro excavator is small enough to be trailered between sites and has a whole host of attachments for even more versatility.



15.0 Hp Briggs&Stratton engine with electric starter

20cm bucket

30cm bucket

60cm buckets


Logs/rocks grapple

Hydraulic service port pipes to operate with the auger or the breaker

Quick-change adapter

Hydraulic dozer blade lowering

Operating hours meter



GRHD Rotator

Auger (diameter 75.0, 150.0, 230.0, 300.0 mm)



A M-6000 micro excavator is an incredibly adaptable machine. Its 15.0 Hp Briggs&Stratton engine and its class-leading dig depth give it enough grunt and stability to perform a wide range of tasks.

And, because the DELEKS® M-6000 is lightweight with low ground bearing pressure, it’s ideal for things like leveling ground (without compacting), before turfing.



The M-6000 is designed to maximize productivity and save man-hours. That’s why we’ve ensured that daily service checks are quick and easy to carry out, while an 6.5 liters fuel tank allows you hours of operation. Hoses are routed through the boom for protection.

To make sure M-6000 class-leading performance is accessible by the widest audience, we’ve made it extremely comfortable and easy to use. We’ve built in exceptional leg room and there are no change-over switches to confuse the user. All functions operate independently of each other, which means professionals and novices alike can get to grips with this micro excavator quickly and easily.

 Extremely compact

The new M-6000 micro-excavator has exactly the right power and digging force for operating in tight spaces: ideal inside buildings, for small demolition work, to set plants or install an irrigation system in a garden, and, in general, on any job site where a bigger machine can’t work or even be transported to.

Superior hydraulic system

Thanks to its cutting edge hydraulic system Hydrocontrol® (Made in Italy), all movements are smooth and shock-free for maximum precision, in any application. It makes any job much easier and quicker to finish.

The extremely practical quick-change system allows you to quickly change attachments. Turning the quick-change adapter, you can fit the buckets the other way around.

Hydraulic hoses

Hoses are routed through the boom.

A folding roll-over bar with built-in canopy, the robust hydraulic dozer blade, and intuitive, simple operation complement the performance of this mini excavator ideally.


Our spare parts service department is able to deliver around 95% of all parts anywhere in Europe within 48-72 hours. DELEKS® original parts are designed to work in perfect harmony with the machine, in order to guarantee optimal performance and productivity.




Certificate of Conformity to the requirements established in the standards harmonized for Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC:

EN 474-1:2006 + A4:2013 + AC:2014

EN 474-5:2006 + A3:2013

Issued by ECO Certificazioni S.p.A. - Faenza (RA) Italy

Certificate of conformity (Sound power level):

Directive 2000/14/EC

Directive 2005/88/EC 

Measured sound power level: 90 dBA

Guaranteed sound power level: 91 dBA

Issued by ECO Certificazioni S.p.A. - Faenza (RA) Italy




Engine: 15.0 Hp Briggs & Stratton, 420cc

Fuel type: Regular petrol

Electric starter: 12 Volt with key

Boom swing angle range: 360°

Dimensions: see pictures

Tractive performance: 0.9 t

Tear out force: approx. 550 kg

Load capacity (excavator arm fully extended): approx. 300 kg (dozer blade down)

Load capacity (excavator arm fully extended): approx. 125 kg (dozer blade up)

Weight: 600 kg

Fuel tank capacity: 6.5 L

Oil tank capacity: approx. 23 L

Hydraulic flow rate: approx. 17 L/min

Operating pressure: approx. 160 bar

Delivered on pallet, with correct oil levels

Documentation supplied with this article:

Invoice or Receipt

CE Conformity

Maintenance Manual



Caracteristic Units metric Units US
Weight 600 kg 1320.00 lb
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