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Disc chippers for tractor with 3-point hitch | Cardan driven wood chipper and shredder.

DELEKS® Cardan driven wood chippers and shredders for tractor. Machinery for professional use, ideal for disposing of pruning residues. Direct delivery from the factory. Warranty 2 years Italy and CE conformity. Express Spare Parts Assistance. Free shipping nationwide.

Disk Wood Chipper for tractor - DK-1200


prezzo nel db del listino in EUR: 1962.00prezzo scorporato iva in valuta: 196219621.962,00VAT incl. Free shipping

Drum Bio Wood Chipper for tractor - DK-1300


prezzo nel db del listino in EUR: 2796.00prezzo scorporato iva in valuta: 279627962.796,00VAT incl. Free shipping

Hydraulic chipper shredder for tractor, mod. DK-1500


prezzo nel db del listino in EUR: 3286.00prezzo scorporato iva in valuta: 328632863.286,00VAT incl. Free shipping

Professional hydraulic disk operating wood chipper for tractor - mod. DK-1800

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prezzo nel db del listino in EUR: 3277.00prezzo scorporato iva in valuta: 327732773.277,00VAT incl. Free shipping
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