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Hydraulic chipper shredder for tractor, mod. DK-1500

EAN 8053470235962
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Tractor shredder with an independent hydraulic system - DELEKS® woodchipper produces wood chips for boiler. It’s able to shred branches up to 10cm in diameter with the possibility of adjusting the size of the wood chips; cardan shaft with bolt.


DELEKS® DK-1500 Shredder / Chipper with disc and flails, suitable for shredding all types of dry and green wood up to a maximum diameter of 10 cm. It produces regular wood chips, which ensures excellent combustion of all wood chip boilers. The DK-1500 shredder operates by being mounted on the tractor PTO.

Cutting System: 2 blades + 10 flying knives + 1 fixed blade.

Blades: perform the main cut.

Flying knives: perform the finishing and shredding cut.

The wood gets dragged inside the cutting chamber by 1 hydraulic motorized roller.

The feeding roller is controlled by 2 convenient buttons. It is possible to stop, or reverse the sense of rotation of the roller, simply by pressing the designated button.

The hydraulic system of the DK-1500 is independent; has its own oil tank and there is no need to connect any tube to the tractor. It is also equipped with a screener that allows you to define the size of the outcoming product. If the wood chips are to be used in a boiler or for composting, it will be necessary to close the grate which will allow the passage of the wood only if it is below a certain size.

Compatible with all brands of tractors with 3-point lifting Cat. 1 type Kubota, Carraro, Goldoni, New Holland, Landini, Pasquali, Valpadana, etc. Complies with the EC machinery directive. 2 year warranty. Suitable for tractors with 540 rpm PTO.



Feeding roller to facilitate and speed up operations.

Independent hydraulic system.

With filter and large 25-liter tank capacity to prevent oil overheating.

Heavy blade in Swedish SSAB® steel with 2 knives made of special K300 BÖHLER® high resistance material.

Double stage shredder: first cut made by knives and counter-knife placed on the face of the disc facing the entrance, like a normal chipper; the second finishing cut of the material, operated by 2 series of free blades mounted on the cross shafts. This allows to shred even smaller and flexible branches such as olive trees, palm trees, bamboo or vegetation rich in foliage; without ever clogging.

Control of the roller by means of 2 practical keys near the inlet.

It is possible to reverse the direction of rotation allowing to keep one hand free.

Robust cat-1 three-point hitch.

Built using high quality material: the whole machine is built in Swedish SSAB® steel which guarantees great resistance and reliability.

SKF bearings.

Gear multiplier in oil bath, or maintenance, instead of belts and pulleys.

360 ° directional outlet chimney.

Lock handle and immediate transmission reversal.

CE cardan shaft with bolt included.

Documentation supplied with this article:

Invoice or Receipt

CE Conformity

Maintenance Manual



Caracteristic Units metric Units US
Overall width 1122.0 mm 3.68 ft
Weight 420.0 kg 925.0 lb
Overall height 1805.0 mm 5.92 ft
Tractor Power Range 28 - 75 Hp 28 - 75 Hp
3 point linkage Cat. 1 (ø 19.0-22.0mm) Cat. 1 (ø 19.0-22.0mm)
Spacing between the 2 lower points 580.0 - 790.0 mm 22.83 - 31.10 in
Overall length 2442.0 mm 8.00 ft
Blades: Weight 420.0 g 14.80 oz
Transmission Hydraulic system Hydraulic system
Distance between pto attachment and base 580.0 mm 22.85 in
Pto shaft CE 4x800 mm + shear bolt CE 4x800 mm + shear bolt
Working Efficiency 8-9 m3/h 25-30 sq ft/h
Cutting System Disc with 2 blades + 10 flying blades + 1 fixed blade Disc with 2 blades + 10 flying blades + 1 fixed blade
Chipped material size range 5.0 - 15.0 mm 0.2 - 0.6 in
PTO Turning Speed 2850 r/min 2850 r/min
Safety System Stop and Start lever / 3 emergency buttons Stop and Start lever / 3 emergency buttons
Blades: Sizes 190.0*55.0*7.0 mm 7.48*2.16*0.28 in
Roller: quantity 1 1
Roller: width 152.0 mm 6.00 in
Roller: drive system Hydrauilc, no Belts Hydrauilc, no Belts
Operational working height 1053.0 mm 41.45 in
Feed Tray Working Width 860.0 mm 33.85 in
Outlet Tube Sizes 270° 270°
Maximum cutting diameter 100.0 mm 3.95 in
Roller: sheet thickness 5.0 mm 0.20 in
Roller: diameter 167.0 mm 6.57 in
Outlet hight 1800.0 mm 5.90 ft
Packing sizes 1150.0*1200.0*2200.0 mm 3.77*3.94*7.22 ft
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