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Universal Inter-row disc for mowers


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Code DISC600
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Field test
Field test


DELEKS® Inter-row head, cleans around the stems of crop plants and in gaps among them, without damaging the crop plants themselves.

The DISC-600 can be mounted on any mowers brand. It has also proven itself in the maintenance of photovoltaic systems and when mulching under fences.

It is built particularly low and has a smooth surface so that it can slide under fruit-covered branches or under solar panels.

Cutter disc with a mechanical swing device.

Disc diameter of Ø 600 mm.

Weight: 45kg

2 horizontal blades and levelling disc.

MAX OIL FLOW: 30 l/min

The attachment to the flail mower is composed by a parallel guide system, the base of the disc is leveling; these elements allow the disk to float and follow the uneven ground surface.

The angle of the inter-row cutter disk can be adjusted in order to cut the edges of embankments and drainage channels.

Hydraulic motor (30 l/min) with hoses and quick couplings ½” AGRI standard.

Full guard along the perimeter.

Ideal for any kind of mulcher: the images show the measurements and distances between the holes for attaching it to the right side of the shredder.

Swing device through adjustable coil-spring: the left and right movement of the disc can be set: rigid or softer, accordingly to the type of plants by which you need to work.

By inverting the attachment can also be mounted on the left side. Consequently, by purchasing 2 DISC-600s it is possible to obtain a Double inter-row system on your shredder: on the right and left of the machine.


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Characteristic Units metric Units US
Working width 600.0 mm 1.97 ft
Weight 45.0 kg 100.0 lb
Transmission: RPM Blade speed 1500 rpm 1500 rpm
Min./Max. Flow 30 l/min Max 30 l/min Max
Packing sizes 600.0*800.0*500.0 mm 1.97*2.62*1.64 ft


2 2 blades disc 60
2 blades DISC-600
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